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Drizzleup is different than all the E-Commerce platforms you ever tried. We have a numerous variety of products that will dazzle you! Not only because of the variability, but also with the deals & bids you can get through DrizzleUp only!.


We collected for you different products from different merchants.

Search Engine

Filter and specify what are you looking for exactly!

DrizzleUp's Wallet

Recharge your wallet, Pay for your items, and get Drizzles to give you bigger discounts for your next orders.

Deals & Bids

Find and get offers on your favorite products exclusively through this app.

Get The App Now!

Take your shopping experience to a new level, and enjoy!


We've been developing the service for years, in order to fulfill the user's needs extremely. But, as with all apps of this type.


Hot Deals

We all know that all brands, trademarks and shopping malls regularly announce offers, sales, and huge discounts. But, we often neglect this information due to bad marketing or miscommunication. Now Extra Offers saves you from all the hassle and includes thousands of offers and hundreds of retailers. Browse by the categories, find the hottest interesting deals tha suit your desires and save money with Extra Offers – it’s that much simple!

Drizzleup Bids

Drizzleup gives you the chance to bid on some items with a greater offers in flash sales.


Drizzleup is a result of a partnership between Aqaba development corporation & Global Distribution System Inc. Drizzleup is a type of search engine that gives results based on combination of results from our local and international providers.

Our Merchants Can Optimize Application Easily

Reduce costs and optimize SaaS utilization based on data analytics and actionable insights.

In a world where marketing and advertising is now primarily digital, the term ‘digital agency’ almost seems redundant, doesn’t it?

However, with print, radio, television, and other traditional marketing techniques maintaining some relevance among modern strategic marketing campaigns.

  • Get insights only Google can give
  • Make your data work for you

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